Ghost of Tsushima box art changes spur fan speculation on PC ports

Ghost of Tsushima A fan with sharp eyes noticed Change to package artwork It could represent a new development in the Samurai game. The artwork no longer displays the text banner that says “Only on PlayStation.” Does that mean it comes to the PC?

New box art is available at Official store of PlayStation Direct And On the Amazon list of games..The tagline has also been removed from the package Days Gone And Horizon Zero Dawn, Both have been ported to PC.

Polygon contacted a Sony representative for more information. It should be noted that the text “Only on PlayStation” is not even above the box art for the PlayStation 5 version of the PS4 title. Spiderman: Miles Morales.. PS5 limited also lacks branding.Neither Demon’s Soul Also Ratchet & crank The package contains the text “PlayStation only”.

Ghost of Tsushima We have already received post-launch support in the form of a co-operative 4-person mode. Elsewhere, a game-based movie is currently in production, with the director of the John Wick series, Chad Stahelski, currently attached.