Ghost of Tsushima’s director’s cut includes cute animal contact scenes

Ghost of Tsushima Is a game with a big world to explore and a lot to do, but the basic game is always a good time to interact with animals. Fortunately, the developer Sucker Punch has noticed this and is making changes. The next director’s cut takes Iki Island to a place called Iki Island, where he explores his past and resolves some traumas. When you’re not busy, you can relax with cats, deer and monkeys.

This is one of the gameplay decisions that doesn’t have much impact on combat, but it’s absolutely fun anyway. I’m crazy about playing beautiful flute music, always stroking a throating cat.In fact, I However It.

At the time of release Ghost of Tsushima This is not a completely new feature, as it allowed the player to stroke the adorable fox and later the player was able to stroke the dog. However, the variety is great because the more animal friends you have, the more fun you can collect.

Sucker punches shared some videos of the behavior of these animal friends, and they look very carefully animated and very friendly. The rest of the environment is also lush and lush, with butterflies floating nearby and the sounds of nature in the background. This is a classic example of how to stop a rose and smell it in a game, or in this case a cat.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut It will be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on August 20th.