Ghostbusters: Afterlife Recap: A New Generation of Expansion Franchise

After more than a year of delay, Ghostbusters: Afterlife Finally entering the theater.The latest movie in the franchise is a direct sequel Ghostbusters 2It was released more than 30 years ago. Its director Jason Reitman is the son of Ivan Reitman, and he directed two original Ghostbusters movies. Before the film is officially released on November 19, Polygon will have the opportunity to see the film during the special surprise screening at the New York Comic Con, and we have some unspoilt ideas about this spooky new film.

Fair warning, the premise of this movie and the content of the first trailer will be explained below. But we did not disclose any other content, and of course there is no biggest surprise of this movie.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Follow Carly (Leftovers‘Carrie Coon) and her child Trevor (Strange things‘Finn Wolfhard) and Phoebe (Mckenna Grace), when they moved from city life to a remote farmhouse, Callie’s estranged father owned and died there. It turns out that her father also happened to be Egon Spengler, the former Ghostbusters originally played by Harold Ramis. The film is generally a moving tribute to Ramis, the co-author and co-star of the original film who died in 2014.

In the house, Egon left what appeared to be hundreds of tools, gadgets and ghostbusters’ utensils for Phoebe and Trevor to discover, and made old fans cheer for joy. These nostalgic moments can be seen everywhere, and the reference material is mostly harmless fan service-even if it occasionally feels that the camera stays too long on one or two props in the original movie. The real exception is an annoying moment at the end of the movie, which makes the movie fly over a cliff of nostalgia and makes the whole experience a bit bad.

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Different from other recent long-delayed sequels, such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Afterlife Avoid the most serious nostalgia trap by letting the child become the main character. Trevor and Phoebe don’t admire Ghostbusters—they have hardly even heard of them, which makes the fans in the theater full of enthusiasm instead of squeezing it out of the actors on the screen.

The most commendable part Afterlife It may be its structure and what it looks like before Ghostbusters, Although the story of the movie has many similarities. There is no attempt to form a new ghostbusters or regain the magic and chemistry of the original star.Instead, Reitman focused on creating powerful characters-which is what he was good at in previous movies, such as up in the air with Juno -And bring them into the world of Ghostbusters. Rather than pure remodeling work, Afterlife It feels more like the expansion of the universe and the limits that define the Ghostbusters movie. The movie says that the Ghostbusters story can be about kids finding their place in the world, just like Bill Murray flirted with Sigourney Weaver after she became the messenger of the Sumerian gods.

Those kids are really the stars of this show. Rather than the witty one-line comedy like the first two movies, Ghostbusters: Afterlife It’s more like Amblin Entertainment’s movie, full of adolescent adventures and some jokes along the way. The children are in trouble and find that the scene of their first love and their first friend is wiped out. Adults like Paul Rudd play a science teacher named Gary Gruberson and will show up to provide some help to the children, or at least some interesting explanations.

Ghostbusters: Paul Rudd in the Afterlife

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The performances of the young actors in this movie are mostly winners, but the two most outstanding so far are McKenna Grace’s Phoebe and her first friend, who calls himself a podcast because he hosts a podcast . The podcast is played by rookie Logan Kim. He is humorous, charming, and a natural stealer. But while Kim provided most of the best jokes in the movie, Grace handled everything else. If this movie falls on any character’s shoulders, it is Phoebe, who is socially awkward, a little weird, and very smart-this is exactly what Ghostbusters fans expect of Egon’s granddaughter.

Grace performed well in this role, and she responded to Ramis without imitating Ramis, making this role her own unique role. She even has to be compared with Carrie Coon and Rudd in the most comedy in the most dramatic scenes in the movie, and she is excellent in every aspect.Grace has performed well in several films – including the young version of half of the blonde actresses in Hollywood in the past few years – but in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, She may finally find her own star-making role.

McKenna Grace and the Proton Bag in

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Even if it emphasizes new young roles, Ghostbusters: Afterlife Still full of references, internal jokes and reverence to the original movies in the series. There are dozens of tiny moments that will make die-hard Ghostbusters fans cheer-they certainly cheer at the Comic Con. But the most exciting thing about this movie is how it welcomes a new generation of kids into the world of Ghostbusters on and off the screen.with AfterlifeIn the endless callback, Jason Reitman (Jason Reitman) affectionately pays tribute to his father’s series, but the new role is the highlight of Jason’s own intimate and personal filmmaking style.Because of this, it seems appropriate Ghostbusters: Afterlife This is best when young characters find their place in the pop culture landscape established by their predecessors.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife It will be shown in theaters on November 19.