Ghostbusters VR brings something weird to your virtual community

If you’ve ever wanted to be a Ghostbusters (and let’s be honest, we all have), a new game from VR studio nDreams is bringing ghost hunting to Meta Quest 2 to help you live out that fantasy.

nDreams, the developer behind VR experiences like Phantom: Covert Ops, Fracked and Far Cry VR: Dive Insanity, has teamed up with Sony Pictures Virtual Reality to bring Ghostbusters VR (tentative name) to life. This new Ghostbusters experience will let you team up with up to three friends in VR to track down paranormal phenomena and blast them with your proton pack, trap them and bring them back to your headquarters. Players will operate the headquarters in San Francisco, a city never explored in the Ghostbusters franchise. nDreams promises an “extensive and engaging” campaign that can be played individually or cooperatively.

The trailer released today, while an in-engine cutscene, isn’t really gameplay, but has some hints about what the game might look like when it launches, including fun character customizations like the one worn by one of the “nemesis” Cute animal hats.

There’s no date yet as to when what’s now called Ghostbusters VR will launch for Meta Quest 2, but a press release says more information will be available in the coming months. But GBVR isn’t the only Ghostbusters game in development, as Illfonic’s Ghostbusters: Souls Unleashed, an asymmetrical multiplayer game, is due out later this year.