Ghostrunner: Story-Driven Project_Hel DLC announced, going live in January

Next year, the first-person cyberpunk action platform game Ghostrunner will launch a new story-driven DLC called Project_Hel.

IGN The news was revealed yesterday after developer 505 Games made fun of “Ultimate DLC” last week. It turns out that the “ultimate DLC” is Project_Hel, the upcoming story-driven DLC in which players will control Hel, one of the bosses in the game. Project_Hel will go live in January, but before that, some players will have the opportunity to experience it firsthand in a private test held sometime before the release of the DLC.

According to reports, Hull will be a “combat-oriented character aimed at attracting’new players and veterans’ and will have its own ability enhancement system.” IGNThe story of Project_Hel will take place in six new missions. The mission is to make Hel descend from Dharma Tower, which is an important scene in the base game. In addition to the new missions, Project_Hel will also include new enemies, new bosses and six new songs from Daniel Deluxe.

505 Game Tell IGN It was originally planned as a smaller DLC before becoming the “full Ghostrunner experience”. It will land on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Amazon Luna on January 27. The price is $14.99.

The studio also revealed that a new holiday pack will land on the game on December 7. This is a free cosmetic pack that includes holiday swords with matching gloves and more.

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[Source: IGN]

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