Ghostwire: Tokyo trailer starring menacing prajna

During the PlayStation Showcase live broadcast, Tango Gameworks revealed a new glimpse Ghost Line: Tokyo Through a trailer starring the villain Hanya.

In the game, Prajna released a catastrophic fog in Tokyo and wiped out most of the population. In the game, he is followed by a group of loyal fanatics called the Faceless, and now a group of unique creatures called visitors roam the streets.

Inspired by Japanese legends, folklore and stories, The Visitor lurks all over Tokyo. You can expect many characters extracted from stories such as Kuchisake-onna (Slit-Mouthed Woman) and other characters.

The story reveals that Akito wakes up and finds himself partially possessed by a strange soul and surrounded by dangerous creatures. Desperate to ensure the safety of his sister, he must form an alliance with the spirit and master powerful abilities to fight on the dangerous streets of Tokyo.

Thanks to PS5’s ray tracing technology, players can expect neon lights to reflect on the puddles, adding vitality to the game. The game also has a faster loading time and tactile control, so you can feel your actions when crossing the streets and rooftops.

“Ghost Line: Tokyo” will be released globally for PlayStation 5 and PC in the spring of 2022.