GI Show-Mario Golf: Super Rush, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Resident Evil Village

In this week’s episode Game Informer Show, Mario Golf: Learn about the games we’ve recently explored, including Super Rush, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil Village, and Knockout City.We are also participating Funbit media Editor Elise Fabis (@Elysefavis)When Washington Post Game Reporter Gene Park (@ Gene Park) We talk about the difference between working together in the newspaper and working online.

This is a complete show, but we’ll bring you another great round of community email. So join Break Hester (@metallicaisrad), Alex Vann Aken (@itsVanAken), Dantuck (@Dantuck), Ben Reeves (@ Benjamin Leaves) For a new wild and interesting episode!

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00:00:00 –Introduction

00:10:54 –Mario Golf

00:18:57 –Fortnite

00:24:41 –Resident Evil Village

00:31:49 –Mass Effect Legendary Edition

00:39:33 –Biomutant

00:48:10 –Knockout City

00:54:44 –Community Email