Glitchhikers combine lost highway drives, airport parkour, and other oddities

According to Bill Bryson’s The Body: A Guide for Occupants, we blink 14,000 times a day, which means our eyes close for a full 23 minutes a day when we’re awake. If we can root out Blink, that’s enough to squeeze into an episode of Seinfeld. We can’t, because our eyes would be dry without it, but I’ve only seen a few first-person games that bother to simulate blinking. Glitchhikers are one of them.

However, Glitchhikers is not a game about keen observation or the passage of time like other games with winks.Original, first released in 2014, retroactively subtitled driving for the first time, is about driving down the freeway and talking to odd hitchhikers while listening to chilly tunes. Slow blinks are part of its late-night vibe.