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What is it? A turn-based dungeon exploration game.

Expect to pay 27.79 GBP/35 USD

Developer Flame bird

Publisher Asmodi Digital

freed Come out now

Review date AMD FX-8350, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, 32GB RAM

multiplayer game? 4 people cooperation

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Gloomhaven is undoubtedly the most acclaimed amateur board game of the past decade. The digital version fully replicates the huge Gloomhaven battle, adds a new second mode Guildmaster and online multiplayer games: adaptation of the desktop experience, spare no effort. Although it is impossible to replicate the magic of sitting around a table, designing it to work on a screen can provide something that a boxed board game would never have. Nevertheless, occasional poor performance, lack of some quality of life features, and a large number of errors make Gloomhaven regress.

This is a dungeon exploration game where fantasy and adventure stories read by rough Scottish narrators are side by side with tactical tasks that lead adventurers through a series of rooms and monsters to accomplish fairly simple goals. Everything between the missions is “choose your own adventure”, where decisions are made and static rewards or punishments are provided for the entire campaign or the next adventure. Writing is not its strong point-this is by no means Baldur’s Gate-but the sound narration adds some flesh to the bones of these stories. The simple battle mode is enough to keep you coming back night after night, because you drew a fantasy epic, established the town of Gloomhaven, and watched your adventurers upgrade, retire and be replaced by fresh blood.

(Image source: Asmodee Digital)

Guildmaster mode is a new feature of Gloomhaven, even desktop veterans should be attracted, as is the built-in level designer and mod support. Although playing with friends is very fun, in fact, Guildmaster is a specially built way that allows you to experience all of Gloomhaven on your own. It has no dubbing and the story is loose, but it has its own advantages: your characters will never retire, so you can patch them as you like, and the scenes are random, allowing you to perform similar crawls multiple times without literal meaning Replay the same settings. Both modes can be played by one to four adventurers under your own control, or one can be controlled by up to three others.