Glowing Moss and Vines DIY Recipe-Animal Crossing: A Guide to New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New HorizonsThe 2.0 major update adds some new crafting materials: Vines with Glowing moss. These materials are not found on your island, and there are a lot of DIY using them.our animal Crossing: New Horizons The guide to vines and glowing moss will explain where to find vines and glowing moss, and where to find DIY recipes using these materials.

Where to find vines and glowing moss

Vines and glowing moss can only be found in specific Kapp’n boat tripSome islands will be full of mysterious flora, you can harvest it, and then bring it all back. Vines and glowing moss will not grow natively on your island, so you need to be lucky to have Kapp’n Island to find it, unless you have the game’s DLC.

if you have happy family DLC, the glowing moss and vines will The back of the hub island, Near the ruins. You are free to harvest these to take home and use for DIY. According to our own tests, they seem to grow again.

Vine and Glowing Moss DIY Recipe List

There are 40 DIY recipes using vines and/or glowing moss.

So far, we have only found DIY recipes for these items on Kapp’n Island with glowing moss and vines. A recipe can be found for each glowing moss and vine island, placed in a bottle near the ocean. Be sure to look for and catch it before leaving the island.

We have listed the recipe below, courtesy Knock Square. When we find more recipes, we will update more pictures.


Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

  • 10 Vine
  • 20 Glowing Moss
  • 30 jewels

Whole body glowing moss suit

Giant Vine

Luminous stickers

Glowing mossy balloon

  • 10 Glowing Moss
  • 1 iron block

Glowing mossy boulder

Glowing Moss Cave Wall

Glowing moss dress

Glowing moss floor

  • 10 Glowing Moss
  • 10 clumps of weeds
  • 5 stones

Glowing moss forest wall

  • 10 Glowing Moss
  • 10 hardwood

Glowing moss headband

Glowing Moss Hood

Glowing Moss Jar

Glowing Moss Pot Rack

  • 6 glowing moss jars
  • 6 iron blocks

Glowing Moss Pointed Hat

Glowing Mossy Pond

Glowing moss carpet

Glowing moss ruins wall

  • 10 Glowing Moss
  • 1 Ruin wall

Glowing moss statue

Glowing moss stool

Glowing moss wreath

Hanging glowing moss

Rope net floor

Rope mesh wall

Round glowing moss carpet

Round rattan carpet

Ruined arch

Ruined broken pillar

Ruined decorative pillar

Dilapidated seat

Suspicious cauldron

  • 10 Glowing Moss
  • 10 iron blocks

Rattan chair


Vine wreath

Rattan chair

Rattan Ladder Setting Kit

Rattan lamp


Rattan bag

Rattan hat