Go through the gates of hell in this mysterious retro FPS game

I just want to say: Magic is only cool when it is out of your hands. Every moment I was forced to use a magic wand while pretending to be a great and powerful wizard was an insult. As an unscrupulous arcane power, I don’t want to wield a stupid stick. I want to point at something and leave it unmanufactured, preferably through some kind of energy bolt or an unfathomable beam of light. Thank goodness, Into the pit Is a baby boomer shooter roguelite who knows me. When I sprinted through the ever-changing landscape of hell in the fog of the demon massacre at Olympic speed, I believed there were only two magics, and I firmly believed that I could kill any god of darkness waiting several stories downstairs, without waves. The branches are required. This is what respect looks like.

You followed your cousin’s letter and came to a village. In previous generations, the village shuddered at the yawning demon pit in the middle. Unfortunately, its newest city councilman lacked “Let’s close the abyss quietly”, and more “I actually want a demon army”, and quickly plunged the town into evil ruins. In order to save your cousin and prevent the terrible doomsday, you must run repeatedly in random areas of the pit, releasing villagers and enhancing your magic through old-school, fast-paced FPS battles.