God of War is Sony’s biggest PC launch to date

We now live in a world where God of War is a PC game, and it does it very well.it had a great launch weekend steam, with a healthy number of concurrent players and lots of positive reviews.

According to the data, on January 16, the rough dad simulator gained 73,529 concurrent players steam database, the highest peak reached by any of Sony’s PC catalogs. Not bad for a game that’s technically approaching its fourth anniversary. It also has an impressive 97% overwhelming rating on Steam as I write this. Many reviews have praised Jetpack Interactive and Santa Monica Studio for the excellent work done on the port, with staff writer Morgan Park agreeing in his God of War review. After seeing some disappointing console-to-PC ports in 2021 (like Ninja Gaiden, Shin Megami Tensei 3 Nocturne, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake), that’s refreshing.