God of War PS5 postponed to 2022

Sony’s next God of War game, originally scheduled for release on the PlayStation 5 in 2021, has been postponed to 2022.

In an interview published in, Halst Playstation blogSaid the sequel to 2018 God of War Pushed to give Santa Monica Studio more time to develop the title.

“That’s why we’re currently developing two very big, very story-driven games. Horizon Forbidden West And next God of WarAnd for both of them, they are frankly affected by performance capture and access to talent, “Hulst explained.” horizonI think we’re on track for the release of this holiday season. However, it has not been completely finalized yet. We are doing our best to confirm it to you as soon as possible.

“And God of War, The project started a little late. That’s why we decided to postpone the game to next year, ensuring that Santa Monica Studio can provide the amazing God of War game we all want to play. “

on twitter, Santa Monica Studio said: With this in mind, we decided to change the release period to 2022. “

Sony Interactive Entertainment Announces God of War The sequel to PlayStation 5 was released in September, but no gameplay footage has been released. In the short teaser trailer, Kratos seems to have spoken to Atreus, “The time is approaching. You have to prepare yourself.” The teaser concludes with the phrase “Ragnarok is coming.”