God of War sequel and Gran Turismo 7 on PS4 and PS5

Gran Turismo 7 And the next God of War game will be released on PlayStation 4, not just for PlayStation 5. Interview with Hermen Halst, Head of PlayStation Studio.

In an interview conducted for Official PlayStation Podcast, Halst shared details about what’s coming from the PlayStation, along with his thoughts on the development of the PS5 and PS4.Sony has an excerpt from the chat Playstation blog post on Wednesday.

Halst said that the PS4 seven years ago was the “very” focus of Sony’s future game development, and the company can’t leave the 110 million PS4 owners out there. “It’s a PS4 fan. I think it’s bad news for me. Frankly, it’s not a very good business, “he said. (For comparison, Sony PS5 7.8 million units shipped As of March 31st. )

As a result, Sony “continues to consider” developing PlayStation games on both PS4 and PS5, Halst said. He named it “Guerrilla Games”. Horizon Forbidden West Sony previously said it would be a cross-generational title, but the next God of War game Gran Turismo 7..

“If it makes sense to develop both PS4 and PS5 titles (Holizon Forbidden West, next God of War, GT7), we will continue to consider,” Hulst said. I am. “And if the PS4 owner wants to play the game, they can do it. If they want to continue playing the PS5 version, the game is there for them. Probably. “

PS4 news in particular Gran Turismo 7, Sony sold as “PlayStation 5 Exclusive” PlayStation game sizzle reel released in December. And then Last week’s investor presentation, The company listed the following God of War titles as part of its upcoming PS5 game lineup, but excluded it from the PS4 lineup.

So far, Sony has avoided asking questions about platform monopoly. In an interview with The Telegraph about the launch of the PS5, PlayStation president and CEO Jim Ryan said, “About that, when asked to see if the new God of War game would be PS5 exclusive. I have nothing to say. ”

In a Wednesday interview with the Sony PlayStation blog, Halst also talked about the release period. God of War It is currently scheduled for launch in 2022. Horizon Forbidden West The previously announced 2021 time frame may or may not be reached.

“We think we’re on track for the holiday season release,” says Hulst. “But that’s not certain yet. We’re doing our best to confirm it to you as soon as possible.”

How about Gran Turismo 7, Sony announced in February that it had postponed the game to 2022.

We have contacted Sony for further comments and will update this article with the information we have obtained.