GOG is returning to its “Good Old Games” roots

In 2012, the online retailer, formerly Good Old Games, rebranded itself as GOG and began selling the current version, while pledging to remain committed to DRM-free distribution and non-existent regional pricing. While GOG continues to add older games to the catalog, they’re keeping pace with newer releases. (Look at the banner at the top of GOG.com today for a reissue of Horizon Zero Dawn under The Wheel of Time, which was first released in 1999.) Today, GOG Announce (opens in new tab) A “back to our classic roots” program.

Don’t expect the name to change again or those new releases to disappear from the store.Instead, the aim is to make the classic game more compelling, and the first step is to “revive the [the] Good old game concept”. Added good old game Tags (opens in new tab) More than 500 games are highlighted, each more than a decade old and widely regarded as classics, but you are welcome to question the details of individual games.