GOG stated that they “should not publish in their store” killer, delete it

GOG is the most reliable DRM-free store in PC Gaming, and has been earning a reputation with this concept for many years. Understandably, when Hitman released its extensive always-on DRM feature in the store a few weeks ago, the diehards of GOG were very frustrated. “In any sense, this game is not DRM-free,” a very direct comment said.

As promised a few weeks ago, GOG Community Manager Gabriela Siemienkowicz has now followed up on these issues. “We are still in conversation with IO Interactive about this version. Today we have removed HITMAN GOTY from the GOG catalog-as you pointed out, we should not release it in its current form,” she Post Under the username chandra on the GOG forum. “We apologize for the confusion and anger caused by this situation. We have let you down, and we want to thank you for bringing us this topic-although it is honest, it shows how enthusiastic you are. GOG.”