Goldeneye 007 Xbox achievement appears on the website

Xbox Achievement website True achievement (thanks Wario 64) Released a list of achievements Golden Eye 007, This is a strange thing, because the game does not exist on the Xbox platform, which indicates that the upcoming port of the basic FPS may leak.

This is exciting because we have never seen a port of the game, and it is stuck on N64 due to the entanglement of the licensing agreements between the developers Rare, Nintendo and MGM. The closest thing we have seen to Goldeneye’s revival is the Wii reimagined, which bears little resemblance to the original game. A port of Xbox Live Arcade was leaked early in 2021, but apparently it never appeared before the leak. Rare tried to push a port to the world many times, but was shot down every time. However, this may be changing, and not soon.

Recent signs indicate that the game will return to modern consoles. The ban on the game in Germany was recently lifted, initially suggesting that the game can be launched on Nintendo Switch Online. But when paired with a new achievement, this may indicate that the game appears on Microsoft consoles.

The achievement itself is what you expect from Goldeneye. Each level has a corresponding achievement, corresponding to the difficulty, time to complete a level, and a small number of multiplayer achievements. It seems that all parts of the game, including single-player and multi-player games, will remain intact. I hope we can eventually have a version of Goldeneye 007 on consoles other than N64.