Good Life gets the Xbox demo today and enters the game pass at launch

The Good Life is a bizarre photography mystery game developed by Deadly Premonition planner Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro and his team at White Owls. It is now available for demo on Xbox Game Pass. After several years of development and multiple delays, this crowdfunding game recently got its release date on October 15. For those who are cautious about this game after a bumpy development cycle, this demo is good news, and Xbox fans can more easily know that it launched Game Pass on the first day.

The Good Life is starring New York photographer Naomi. She visited Rainy Woods, a small British town, to investigate why it is called “the happiest place on earth.” She needs a big spoon to pay off her huge debt, and when she discovers that Rain Forest has an unusual secret, she gets more than bargaining: when the sun goes down, its residents will become cats and dogs. Solving this mystery requires taking pictures and collecting clues. You can also pay off debts by doing odd jobs and saving money. You can also use the money to build your home and garden. You can also ride a sheep, because why not?

In addition to Xbox, The Good Life will also land on PlayStation 4, Switch and PC. A demo will also be available during the Steam Next Festival on October 1.