Good news everyone, Watch Dogs is back…as a comic

watch dogs It’s officially back, though you’ll need to put on your prepared glasses as it’s in comic form.

As described by manga news account Manga Mogura, the manga, perhaps too simply titled Watch Dogs Tokyo, is “a special kind of story about a company called Bloom Japan that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government uses to change people’s lives. New Infrastructure Systems”. “However, this new system actually also hides a great darkness,” Manga Mogura continues. The manga will be drawn by Shuhei Kamo, best known for Manga Gangster: The Damned, and will be written by Seiichi Shirato. It’s also coming out soon, actually tomorrow (April 12th) and can be read on the Kurage Bunch website.

That’s all we know about the manga so far, and it’s not even clear if it will be available in English. Fans of Japanese Watch Dogs will be able to dig into it, while others are mostly clueless about the future of the series.

Watch Dogs: Legion It came out in 2020, but it was announced in January that the game would no longer receive any updates after the last update in September 2021. That’s not surprising considering it’s mostly single-player, but it does have multiplayer capabilities.It is clear Ubisoft Judging by this comic announcement, the series isn’t finished yet, but who knows if new games will be announced any time soon.

Elsewhere in the Ubisoft gaming world, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint was announced to be shutting down, but apparently the servers will be maintained, and what everyone loves so much, definitely not overpriced receipts, NFTs. However, a new Rainbow Six game for mobile is in the works, like Swing and Roundabout.