Goosebumps: Dead at Night | Replay

Readers beware! You are here to scare people! At least, this is our hope, because we take a week from the super replay of Demon Souls and get into the Halloween spirit by playing Goosebumps: Dead at Night!join us twitch 2pm Central Time When we relive our childhood through the latest console game adapted from a live-action movie based on the popular children’s horror book. do you understand?

Goosebumps: Dead of Night is an adventure game that allows players to fight against Slappy the Dummy. Slappy brings them all kinds of fears. Classic monsters such as feverish swamp werewolves and cemetery ghouls are just some of the familiar and frightening faces we will encounter. The game even has an RL Stine dubbed by Jack Black! Will it be very tasteless? most likely. Should it be a fun play? You bet you are about to haunt your ass.

Join Goosebumps fan Marcus Stewart and horror experts Dan Tucker and Blake Hester to dive into this weird adventure together. We will have two hours to go as deep as possible into the three chapters of the game. Who knows, we might even beat the game!You must join us on Twitch to learn about or view our YouTube Channels watch archived streams on weekends.