GPU shipments are expected to increase by 10% in 2022

Demand for graphics cards continues to surge, and supply is slowly rising to meet demand. Shipments have grown in 2021 and this demand is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.according to Asian digital age, GPU shipments are expected to further increase by 10% in 2022. If you buy GPUs in the market, maybe, maybe once we get out of Omicron’s downturn, we will start to see a downward trend in prices.

The epidemic caused by the resurgence of Omicron is causing the deterioration of market conditions, which will obviously hinder the development of things. Semiconductor shortages, isolated labor, and logistics delays are having the dual effect of reducing supply and increasing demand. If you are isolated at home or waiting for the workplace to open, you may have more time to play games. It is still not possible to buy game consoles in major street shops.

(Image credit: NiseriN, Getty Images)

Most tech CEOs have released forecasts, and most of them see mid-to-late 2022 as the point when shortages should start to ease. If we don’t see additional market shocks caused by geopolitical concerns or a resurgent trade war.