Grand strategy cult classic Solium Infernum gets ‘reimagined’ from Armello creators

Solium Infernum was a turn-based strategy phenomenon back in the early 2010s. Instead of taking the fight to the usual strategic arena—historic battlefields, highly fantastical landscapes, interstellar colonies—it has a group of big demons battling for supremacy in a John Milton/Dante-inspired hell. It was developed in Adobe Director by Vic Davis, a tabletop scene legend whose main work was board games, before he quit game an interview game developer (opens in new tab) In 2010, Davis bravely announced that he wanted to “make games that drive 90% of the player base away”.

An extremely noble cause, and one that has seen his legend grow among fans of complex political strategy sims. Now, 12 years later, the Armello Studio Geek Alliance has announced a new “reimagining” of Solium Infernum. In addition to breaking free from the constraints of Adobe Director’s graphics crunch, the Geek Alliance project will “take some liberties” while also adding more modern multiplayer features.