Grand Theft Auto V sold more than 5 million copies last quarter, with total sales of 155 million units

More than 5 million copies of Grand Theft Auto V — you know, this game was released almost ten years ago — were sold in the last quarter alone, bringing its total sales to 155 million copies.

This news comes from VCsAccording to reports, this open world game developed by Rockstar has generated more than $6 billion in revenue since its release in 2013.According to reports, GTAV became the most profitable entertainment product ever in 2018, three years ago, And the game seems to have no plans to give up the title in the short term.

These new GTA 5 figures come from Take-Two Interactive’s latest financial report, which details the earnings for the second fiscal quarter. The quarter ended on September 30.according to VCsAfter making a net profit of US$984.9 million, the company not only exceeded Wall Street’s expectations, but also exceeded its expectations. This is also an increase of 3% over last year, due to increased purchases due to pandemic-related quarantine, which was especially important for video games last year.

“I won’t say that the pandemic is over, I think we definitely haven’t seen this in working conditions, so it’s hard to believe that we have seen it fully in consumption patterns, but I think we are close to the new normal,” Take- Two CEO Strauss Zelnick told VCs.

Due to its online component GTA online model, the popularity of GTAV may remain unchanged. The component will be updated regularly and provide micro-transactions, and Take-Two can earn more income from it. The number of these GTA 5 will certainly continue to rise, especially as we approach the re-release of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, it is called Grand Theft Auto V: Enhanced Edition.

The enhanced version of GTA 5 will be Released in spring 2022.

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