Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – New Gameplay Today

The Ace Attorney series is as ridiculous as you can imagine. In some visual novels and some puzzle games, players collect evidence and present proceedings to cast wild characters as well. North American fans have seen a significant share of entries featuring Phoenix Wright and the rest of the lawyers, but the two games have always avoided them.

Great Ace Attorney Adventures and Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve, released on Nintendo 3DS and Mobile in 2013 and 2017, respectively, are for Japanese. As Capcom releases these two titles as the Ace Attorney Chronicles collection for PlayStation 4, Switch and PC, Phoenix Wright, the ancestor of Phoenix Wright, and the moody legendary detective Harlock Shoms in July. Everything will change on the 27th. But what can North American fans expect from this new game set?

The title was picked up at the turn of the 20th century 100 years ago, and Narutodo scrutinized both the British and Japanese countryside to protect clients, discover new evidence, and defeat other malicious lawyers. If you’re familiar with Phoenix Lite and previous games in the series, you should be here as many of the fan-popular game mechanics live in Ace Attorney.

Sounds intriguing, but want to know more? As Master Sluice, Kim Wallace, Dan “Moriarty” Tack, and Alex Stadnik are here to discuss more in this enthusiastic episode of New Gameplay Today.

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