Great anime based on video games

The Dragon Quest series has an undeniable classic feel, and Dai’s Adventure Use iconic monsters, sounds and spells to fully capture that nostalgia and keep fans smiling. The animation is adapted from the comic series of the same name created by Lu Sanjo and illustrated by Koji Inada. The protagonist is an unlikely hero Dai. He grew up on a peaceful and remote island with monsters. He also calls them friends. With a heart of innocence and gold, Dai knew the evil of the world, because demons threatened everything he cherished. It is refreshing to see Dai understand the true meaning of becoming a hero, but there are also many wonderful reveals, such as the real evil power behind the arrival of the devil and the hidden power that Dai has surfaced at important moments. The wonderful music, the first-class monster design and the wonderful script faithful to the comics make this story a story not to be missed, if you have any feelings for Dragon Quest.