Grimace, Frank Bunny came to the Call of Duty Theater and the Black Ops Cold War

The Haunting will be launched tomorrow in “Call of Duty: Warzone” and “Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War”. This year’s Halloween limited event brings new modes, maps, Scream, And Frank Rabbit from Donnie Darko.

these years Haunted event It will last from October 19th to November 2nd. In these few weeks, players can experience the new Verdansk Ghost Limited Time Mode, transforming the Verdansk Warzone map into a night map. Passively regarded as the spiritual successor of Zombie Royale, “This limited time mode allows you to fight against human and non-human threats.”

In this mode, you must manage your character’s fear level (affected by being shot, camping, seeing corpses or ghosts, or seeing teammates fall) by playing well and staying in the holy land circle. If you fail to do this, you will “surrender to the dark” and become the ghost of Verdansk. The ghost, you become after death, not the commander sent to the Gulag, unable to use weapons, but relying on the ability of super jumping, teleportation and ghost explosion to bring your companions to the other side.

You can do this while using one of Haunting’s many event-specific commander skins, including from Scream, Rabbit Frank from Donnie Darko, Portnova’s Necro Queen Commander skin, Chaos Disciple skin, and even Maxis Commander Lumens skin. When the Haunting event is in the game, these skins will be sold in the store for a limited time.

Ghostface will go on sale tomorrow, and Frank the Rabbit will be live in the game before October 24th. The other three commander skins will provide Activision as part of a bundle containing new weapon blueprints and more, close to Halloween.

About the Black Action Cold War On the other hand, the iconic Nuketown map will be remade to include Halloween decorations, such as ghostly lights and so on. The Infected game mode returns to the multiplayer game of Black Ops Cold War, as well as the Halloween-themed prop hunting mode and the unique screaming death match mode.

In the zombie mode of the Cold War in Black Ops, the player’s task is to survive the Halloween outbreak.For more detailed information about these new skins, maps and modes, please go to Activision’s Haunting blog post.

The Haunting event will directly lead to the release of “Call of Duty: Vanguard”, Will land on the host and PC on November 5.When it’s released, a new Pacific-themed theater map will also be released, which will Marks the end of the Verdansk run In the battle royale.

Will you join The Haunting this year? Which commander skin would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!