GTA Online and Red Dead Online Get Big Summer Updates

Rockstar has announced two major summer updates coming to GTA Online and Red Dead Online. From this month to the summer, fans of popular multiplayer destinations are looking forward to participating in new modes and quality of life updates.

GTA Online’s new product spotlights street racing and features a new multi-part robbery mission centered around stealing the hottest vehicles. On May 27th, eight new stunt races and additional tracks will join the GTA Online Stunt Series.

Rockstar is also adding 7 new arenas Tron-Weird deadline competition mode, and survival mode will spread to new locations in Los Santos and Brain County. Unfortunately, this update doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the single-player content suggested last December.

The latest information on Red Dead Online will arrive next week on May 25th. This brings a new mission centered around Saint-Denis’ criminal organization, where Lieutenant Angelo Bronte Guido Martelli is working to build his own empire.

Players can test their riding skills in eight new races. They include standard races that sound exactly like that. Pure horseback riding competition with other players. Open Races, on the other hand, offers a more liberal form of approach that can pave the way for a unique finish line across a series of signal fires. For a more attack-focused twist, target races and open target races challenge players to shoot checkpoints with bows and arrows while riding a horse. Rockstar hasn’t revealed what the other races will be, only that they will be held in places such as Gaptooth Breach, Annesburg and Largas Swamps.

This news comes with Rockstar announcing the release date of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S versions of GrandTheft Auto V. Learn more about.

Are you still playing GTA Online, Red Dead Online, or both? If so, what do you think of the summer update? Please let us know in the comments.