GTA Online Diamond Casinos and Resorts: Bonus Rewards

It’s that time again GTA online mode Players!Let’s see The latest weekly events Occurs in the online crime sandbox of Rockstar Games.This time, when we return Diamond Casino Get a large number of GTA game coins and prestige value promotion options.

The main attraction is that players who complete the diamond casino robbery at any time between November 18th and November 24th will receive a red “Diamond” classic T-shirt. If you log in soon after December 2nd, You can get free cosmetics as rewards. You can also get a Bugstars Burrito from the Warstock Cash & Carry store for free this week, so be sure to grab this unique set of wheels as much as possible.

If you want some major cash and prestige rewards this week, there is an X2 correction for the casino job mission and the casino story mission. To complete these tasks, you will need the main penthouse of the casino. After completion, you can call Ms. Baker or go to her office to complete the casino work and story missions.

It doesn’t stop there! The triple rewards in the Diamond Confrontation series will last until November 24, so if you want to make a profit, you should rush there and get your duke ready to fight.

In addition, if you unfortunately purchased GTA The Trilogy-The Definitive Edition, you can reduce the burden of purchase by redeeming the free jumpsuit in GTA online mode. Kind of like a wearable sympathy pin! This week’s login will also provide a free decorative accessory called “Weekend Racer Paint” Bravado Banshee.

Turning to miscellaneous double rewards, players will be able to get double prestige rewards in the Car Meet Sprint event, so if you are very popular while driving, it is worth taking to the streets to improve. Or, if your mind is in the cloud instead of in and around the engine, both GTA game currency and Drop Zone reputation points will be rewarded.

Fast turning to the car, this week’s prize is Vapid Dominator GTT, which you can get by winning first place in LS Car Meets for three consecutive days. Therefore, if you are good enough, you can buy this awesome muscle car and add it to your collection.

If you want to try a new set of wheels, the Car Meet test track offers free rides for Emperor Vectre, Dinka Jester RR and Pfister Growler. If you want to spend some money to buy a beautiful new set of wheels, this is a good way to choose your next purchase.

Back at the Diamond Casino, there is a new car on the podium this week. The Pegassi Zorrusso is a super sports car capable of reaching incredibly high speeds, so if you are lucky enough to be exposed to it, it is a valuable vehicle.

Finally, we have weekly discounts. The main price reduction is 35% of the price of the Diamond Casino Master Suite and its upgrade. If you want to take a look at this section, there is also a 40% discount on all casino clothing.

Then there are car sales, as follows:

  • Year S80RR -40% discount
  • Predecessor PR4 -40% discount
  • Invading and persuading remote-controlled tanks -40% discount
  • Maxwell Wandering -40% discount
  • Karin Efron -40% discount
  • Western Fury Rocket -40% discount
  • Enus Paragon R -40% discount

We have! The weekly bonus ends here, so be sure to play the slot machine and rob the house after you finish. If you missed the latest news about the GTA Trilogy-Definitive Edition, the game is back on PC after being taken down by Rockstar. Now, the game has deleted all unintentionally included assets. These files include music tracks, Hot Coffee mini games, and internal development instructions.