GTA Online Mode is updated weekly-bonus rewards, discounts and prizes

It’s time for liars and criminals again, we have one more Weekly update Bring various bonuses and discounts GTA online mode!

Since GTA Online is updated weekly, this quick article will take you through all the new changes and changes starting today. This will include discounted cars, a new podium-winning vehicle, and double GTA cash and reputation points for certain missions.

GTA online mode is updated weekly-LS Car Meet prize ride and famous diamond casino podium vehicle

For those who are proficient in the steering wheel, they will be able to win for themselves ZR350 Won the top five in the chase for four consecutive days. For those who wish to increase their collection, this is a very fast small sports car.

For those who like to try their luck at the Diamond Casino daily turntable (instead of grabbing places), they can win imagineThe retail price of this car in the game is usually $2,500,000, so if you are lucky enough to take this elusive car power home, it’s definitely worth a turn.

Weekly update of GTA online mode-double GTA game currency and prestige rewards

For those who want to make the most of the time spent in GTA Online, you can get Double the normal amount of cash and RP Complete the following mission types in the game:

  • Overtime Rumble Confrontation Mode
  • Map crash: fully automatic mode
  • Superyacht life mission

GTA Online mode weekly update-vehicle discounts

It is very important to ensure that your money is used as much as possible in GTA Online. This is why you should check weekly discounts!The star of this week’s show is Killer whale price cut by 35%, This is what Cayo Perico Heist needs, including all renovations and upgrades. Therefore, if you have not participated in the Cayo Perico robbery, now is a good time to start!

there’s still one 40% discount On the following vehicles:

  • Armed dinghy
  • patrol boat
  • Veto classics
  • Veto modern
  • Grand Slam Truck

Weekly update of GTA online mode-login bonus

You don’t even need to do anything to benefit from the weekly updates of GTA Online.Log in to the game, you can get one Free Still Slipping T-shirt.

GTA Online mode weekly update-test track cars

In GTA Online this week, you can try the following vehicles to help you determine if they are worth a pause later:

  • Calico GTF
  • Comet S2
  • Overlord ASP

GTA online weekly update-Cayo Perico Heist reward unlock

Finally, those who pass and clear the Cayo Perico robbery this week will receive a series of bonuses. first, Rare black panther statue Can be stolen from the island.This will give you an amazing USD 1.7 million At regular difficulty levels, and US$1.9 million Thanks for your hard work!

there are more.If you complete the Cayo Perico preparation task, you can get Orange halo This will make you look more fashionable when you look around the island. For those who completed the ending and escaped with the loot, Orange Skull Glowing Mask Also available.

These rewards are combined with the price reduction of the Kosatka submarine. If you have not done this tropical heist, this week is the best time to do this tropical heist and provide some additional rewards for long-term players to help new players get through Difficulty. What are you waiting for? Log in to GTA Online and do your best to take advantage of this week’s extra content!