GTA: San Andreas is about to land on Oculus Quest 2

New first person version GTA San Andreas It has been announced and will be used exclusively for Oculus Quest 2.Initially announced on Connect 2021, and later written in a Oculus official blog post, The game is currently being developed for the platform, and the release date has not yet been determined.

Although “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” has certainly been ported to different video game platforms before, the new version of this popular action-adventure game will be the first time the game has been played in VR.It is worth noting that due to Third-party modules It is possible to play games such as GTA 5 on the VR headset, but this is the first time that games in this series are available in an official capacity.

In addition to “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”, Oculus also announced that it will work with the Vertigo game team, which is the developer of VR games such as “Arizona Sunshine” and “Unplugged” to develop five new games . There are also updates released for Beat Saber and Population: One, and an update announced on Connect 2021, as well as a new Blade & Sorcery game exclusively for Oculus Quest 2.

Our editor-in-chief Tom Orry had a great time with Oculus Quest 2 in November 2020 and even said, “I have used PS5 and Xbox Series X now, although I love them and think that both of them will provide an amazing experience. It doesn’t dazzle me like Quest 2.”

The GTA: San Andreas exclusive VR version will only be released on November 11th Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy-shortly before the final release. This series of remakes of GTA 3, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas will be released on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Switch.