GTA: The Trilogy-The Definitive Edition is back on the PC and now deletes “unintentionally included” files

After taking the game offline and making it unplayable-even for players who have already purchased and downloaded it-Rockstar made the PC version GTA: Trilogy-Definitive Edition Can be played again.

Since its launch last week, the experience of Rockstar’s latest remake project is really not very smooth-Rockstar Games announced the PC version of the GTA Trilogy: Ultimate Edition sales last weekend, on the grounds that it was “inadvertently included” in the game As the reason for its removal from the platform.

“We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you, and strive to improve and update the overall performance as we move forward,” Rockstar said in a statement. tweet, Refer to ongoing issues.

Some files included in the game that should not be included include music tracks that are not actually included in the radio station, elements of the controversial Hot Coffee mini-game in GTA: San Andreas, and so on. The game files also contain internal development instructions, and it is speculated that these instructions should not be seen by the public. Oops.

The game is now back online, which means you can play the trilogy on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and (again) the Rockstar Games Launcher on PC.

In addition to unintentional files, players also reported Performance issues, Errors, errors, audio compression, strange face rendering, fewer walking civilians, lack of fog, rendering distance issues, The rain made the game almost impossible to play, Spelling and grammatical errors, Many more.

Our own Alex Donaldson found that revisiting the game series was an interesting experience, and pointed out that the PS2 GTA trilogy was even worse than he had imagined-and Grove Street Games was re-creating the game The terrible work done will only make things worse.