GTA Trilogy: Ultimate PC version is off the shelves, customer asks for a refund

Rockstar Games has removed the PC version GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition From the beginning of the sale, the transmitter was offline for almost two days.

Although the Rockstar launcher is finally back online, the PC version of the game Still unable to purchase on Rockstar’s website, And those who already have it cannot play it. As of press time, it is not clear when the game will be back online.

According to the rock star, The game was cancelled due to the “unintentional” inclusion of some files in the PC version. The studio is working hard to delete them, but the studio did not explain what these files are.

Some people who messed up the game files said that the problem may be related to music files that still exist despite the expired license.Others believe this issue is related to files left in the game, including developer comments (via European players).

The fact that the game cannot be played on PC caused many customers ask for refund. But it’s not just the PC people asking for refunds: many console players are also dissatisfied with the trilogy.

Reported by players Performance issues, bugs, errors, audio compression, strange face rendering, few civilians walking around, lack of fog, rendering distance issues, Funny rain, Spelling and grammatical errors, And more. Others find it a bit mixed, like our own Alex Donaldson, and some people think that although the character rendering is sometimes bad, Upgrade to the environment It is a welcome addition.

Some issues and bugs are likely to be resolved by patches, but it remains to be seen whether most graphics issues will be resolved, as Rockstar has not yet stated When can the update be expected.

The Definitive Edition was originally developed by Rockstar Games and has been adapted into a modern platform by Grove Street Games using Unreal Engine. The studio, formerly known as War Drum Studios, has worked with Rockstar in the past to develop games such as “Bullies: Android and iOS Anniversary Edition” and “Chinatown Wars” mobile version.

This trilogy is suitable for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and-after backup-Rockstar Games Launcher on PC.