Guardian of Hyelore is a tug-of-war tactical game, coming soon

The guardian of Heroes is Landed on Steam on September 29, Ready to subvert the ancient tower defense type. Yes, your custom hero team must prevent the enemy tribe from reaching your base, but they will also counterattack and advance to the enemy-eventually pushing them back to their base, where they wait for a powerful boss. Your army will advance automatically, but if you want to reach the plunder waiting at the end of each level, you need to rely on all your military tactics knowledge.

But most journeys start from humble beginnings. You start with only four nominal guardians, but as you win, new fighters will join your business, and you will be able to give existing fighters powerful new abilities. Each guardian has its own skill tree and unique tactical role; from the light bearer Nomia who possesses healing spells such as the ritual of light, to the ability to shoot arrows at an area or explode a row with a devastating blow Castien, the enemy’s archer.