Guardians of the Galaxy video focuses on leadership in and out of battle

Two new Guardians of the Galaxy videos have been released, in which senior game director Patrick Fortier discusses how players can lead their interstellar teams.

In the first video, Fortier discusses how the Guardians work together in battle, while the second video focuses on how the player takes the Guardians out of battle.

Every crew member has his own unique personality outside the battle, and everyone has his own unique expertise and abilities on the battlefield. For example, the Rockets are the organization’s multi-target explosive expert, Groot is its protector and healer, Drax is its wrecking ball, Kamora is its single-target assassin, and Xingjue is a versatile leader.

As seen in the second video, the Guardian will also be responsible for guiding his teammates in the right direction on their way to and from the various Marvel locations in Milan. Making choices and dealing with the consequences will also be a core part of being a leader. This includes deciding how to conduct a dialogue, assigning ability points, and even choosing between comic accuracy and original costumes.

“Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy” will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and GeForce Now on October 26.

The cloud version of Nintendo Switch will also be released in specific regions on the same day.