Guide the beastly tribe by looking up at the stars in the grotto later this month

Grotto is a unique narrative adventure game launched this month, allowing you to play the mysterious role of a tribal fortuneteller, which is a peculiar term for fortune tellers. Your primitive tribe is in trouble, so the superstitious tribe asks you for help. However, be careful what you tell them; for better or for worse, your wealth will have a major impact on their lives.

Divining the fate of orc villagers includes drawing constellations, reading bones, predicting the future, and even contacting the afterlife. Although you possess a certain degree of supernatural ability, you can explain the meaning of otherworldly phenomena and convey them to the tribe. Your followers, you will get to know them better through multiple visits, and regard everything you say as the gospel. Your destiny will affect their behavior, which may be beneficial to them, or it may lead them to disaster or even die. Think carefully about the meaning of the star pattern you want; you don’t want to unintentionally lead the person you like astray, do you? With an amazing fusion of colorful 2D and 3D art, Grotto looks as unique as its premise. Check out the original announcement trailer below.

Grotto comes from an appropriate name called Brainwash Gang, and it was launched on PC on October 20. A Steam demo is now available. The game will also be available on PlayStation/Xbox consoles and Switch early next year.