Guild Wars 2: The Dragon’s End Review

need to know

What is it? The third expansion is also the end of the MMO Elder Dragon Saga.
expect to pay $30/£26
developer Arena Net
Publisher NCSoft
audit date Ryzen 7 3700X, 32GB RAM, RTX 3080Ti
multiplayer game? massively
association Official website

Since End of Dragons was released, I’ve spent as much time on Guild Wars 2’s old maps as I do in the new Canthan region. The new expansion pack does not replace the previous expansion pack, which is a peculiarity of the game. It’s an MMO that hasn’t raised the level cap in the nine years since its release. The gear and weapons you acquired earlier still apply today. In this case, Dragon’s End not only needs to excel in isolation, but – through its new maps, new traits, and class feats – must integrate itself into the larger tapestry of the entire endgame.

Even now, a month after its release, it’s hard to predict what its lasting legacy will be. But one thing’s for sure: The Dragon’s End makes a great first impression.