Guild Wars 2’s new Siege Turtle may be the best MMO mount

No other MMO can mount like Guild Wars 2. Its creatures are not just an enhancement of the player’s movement speed-a way to make traveling through a large map less annoying. Instead, they are traversal tools, puzzle solutions, and battle initiators, each of which is designed to perform interesting specific tasks. The power of the Raptor’s long jump; the graceful rotation of Skyscale’s air sprint; the power of Springer’s somersault because it knocks down enemies within its explosive radius. The way they move is pleasing, the way they make you travel through the world pleasing.

With next year’s “Doomsday” expansion pack, a new mount has been added to the roster: Siege Turtle. As a feature point, it sounds neat: multiplayer mounts designed to allow friends to ride with you.But I have to admit that when it was announced, I was worried that this huge and bulky beast would not feel It’s as easy to use as its stable partner.