Gunfire Reborn | Best Build for Tao

Tao Is the latest hero added to Gunfire Reborn With the summer 2021 update. She is noteworthy for several reasons. Not only was she the first female hero in the game, but all the characters in the first promotional art were spoken, so it’s a little surprising if you think no more heroes will be added. for.

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But the important thing is that Tao is here. She is an adorable bunny and we are already very much enjoying her company. If you’re looking for tips on maximizing Tao builds, read below.

Gunfire Reborn Tao: Blade Rain Build

This build was proposed by Reddit users u / UGot FrohnedFocuses on Tao’s key skills: Sword out..

Swords Out is a very powerful skill that allows Tao to send a bullet of flying swords to focus on his enemies.

This build is from Tao Blade rain Ascension Tree: In this build, there are really no bad perks on this tree. We recommend increasing one of them as much as possible. However, this is a very aggressive build, so you can easily perform sword defense in favor of the other five ascensions in this tree. All of these help enhance the sword attack.

You also want to put a lot Main weapon Ascension tree, Empathy for the sword And Warlike blade The main perk is that you can summon additional swords and increase the firing speed. Swordfighter And Sword lover It is a secondary option, both of which increase the damage of weapons and skills.

Raging Bloom This is the least used ascension tree here, but it shouldn’t be completely ignored. In particular, the perks that increase skill damage are worth getting if you have the chance. Bloom blade It’s a particularly powerful combination of both skills.

Submachine gun, injector, And other weapons with exceptional firing rates are the recommended categories for this build.

Gunfire Reborn Tao: Petal Bloom Build

Thanks again to Reddit users u / UGot Frohned Share an alternative Tao build. It is built around her secondary skills, Deadly flower..

Fatal Bloom is not as powerful as Swords Out because the petals have a fairly short explosive range. However, the hit enemies are marked, so if Tao hits multiple times in a row, you can damage the enemies.

The two main ascensions for this build are: Shining flowers (To increase the basic damage of the skill) and Mark chaser (This will increase the damage dealt each time a new enemy is marked), both from the Raging Bloom skill tree.

Even if you build around the deadly bloom, we recommend that you do not ignore Tao’s sword proficiency as a skill.Build on the basis of Swordfighter And Warlike blade Ascension from Main weapon A tree that allows Tao to fall back to high damage and firing rates when using this skill.

However, if you’re building around Fatal Bloom, don’t spend too much time working on the Blade Rain Ascension tree.

Shotgun This is the recommended weapon category for this build as it is likely to trigger Tao’s explosive bloom in a single or two shots.

Gunfire Reborn Tao: Full Sword Out Build

This build was designed by YouTuber HibernapeAs the name implies, is very focused on Tao’s key skills.

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This will be an absolute priority for everything Blade rain Ascension excluding Sword Defense, and ascension that supports it with a secondary choice of 4 attacks and increases damage Main weapon..

Finally, add Bloom blade From Raging Bloom Skill tree and some enemy marking ascension — There is no escape And (optionally) Cursed mark — Decelerates Tao’s enemies and increases the damage they take at the same time.

Defense, ammunition collection, and core deadly bloom skills are not prioritized here, but can be picked up for boost if you have the opportunity.

You can use this build to check out Hibernape’s video for 30 minutes of gameplay or follow a very useful link. Tao’s Best Ascension Tierist..

For more information on Gunfire Reborn and its latest updates, see our guide for unlocking Reincarnation mode.