Gunfire Reborn: Reincarnation Mode | Unlock new modes and their features

Rebekah Jones
June 21, 2021 17:05 GMT

Reborn mode Is the 4th and most difficult Gunfire Reborn, Added in the game’s Summer 2021 update. However, like many extreme difficulty modes, it is not immediately playable.

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The new mode also adds some new mechanics that make it stand out from the previous three difficulty levels.

How to unlock Reincarnation mode with Gunfire Reborn

Gunfire Reborn difficulty must be unlocked individually. The first playthrough of the game is normal mode.When it’s done, unlock it elite mode.Then unlock after exiting the game in elite mode nightmare Difficult.

When you finish the game on Nightmare difficulty, you can probably unlock a new lock, as you might expect. Reborn mode..

But what you might not have guessed is that the reborn mode has 7 levels — Each has a scaled-up difficulty compared to the previous — Unlock in the same way you previously unlocked the new mode.

This means that you can still bite into your teeth with at least 7 Gunfire Reborn playthroughs, even if you’ve already exited all three modes.

What’s new in Gunfire Reborn’s Reincarnation mode?

Mechanically, the first three difficulty levels of the game work in much the same way. By contract, Reborn Mode introduces some new elements.

Reincarnation Mode has the ability to scale up enemy health, shields, armor, and damage based on the level reached. This is similar to how enemy stats scaled up between previous difficulty modes.

However, Reincarnation Mode also introduces two new NPCs. Spiritual Remnant And that Phantom pedophiler..

  • Spiritual Remnant: This new character will appear at the beginning of all three acts. Each time they appear, you have the opportunity to buy one of the three spiritual blessings they have. It gives a permanent bonus that lasts for the rest of its execution. Blessings require soul essence. So if you have completely upgraded all your talents by this point, this is a good way to use those remaining resources.
  • Phantom pedophiler: This character can randomly spawn anywhere except the start stage and the boss stage. Like spiritual remnants, they trade you for your soul essence. Their product consists of three enhanced weapons and one enhanced scroll.

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