Hack Week is another revolutionary year

One of our greatest privileges and joys at Roblox is to participate in our beloved Hack Week tradition, a dynamic quest for new ideas that expand the possibilities of the platform. Weekly, Roblox employees get the opportunity to move away from their day-to-day work and pursue creative ideas with passion. Some of these ideas are technical breaks, such as the “Future Is Bright” lighting system. It even leads to thru. In addition, Hack Week is a good example of how we are practicing our core values.

  • Respect the community: Our team is made up of smart, talented, creative and hard-working individuals dedicated to improving the platform for millions of people around the world. Roblox is evolving so fast that we don’t have enough time in a day to pursue all the projects we are passionate about. That’s why Hack Week exists. It’s about giving employees time, support, and resources to try out truly innovative and unique ideas to improve their platform and community.
  • In the long run: Hack Week aims to envision and realize the future of Roblox. Do it all in 5 days. Our team can go beyond the scope of our current work and make decisions with long-term goals in mind.
  • Get ready: Creating a fully functional prototype of a visionary new idea in just one week is not an easy task, but our team is always on the challenge. Hack Week requires behavioral prejudice and determination to take calculated risks, rather than prudent behavior.
  • Self-organization: Hack Week encourages employees with diverse skill sets to collaborate in new ways and decide for themselves which ideas are most interested in pursuing.
  • Own it: Our team gets our platform in their own hands, pushes the boundaries, and ultimately shapes the future of Roblox.

Armed with complete creative freedom and peer support, our engineering team takes risks, creates boldly, and takes the challenge of getting one step closer to the Metaverse vision. At this year’s event, there were some novel challenges for a completely remote team, but their ingenuity and ingenuity spirit was stronger than ever.

At the 8th Annual Hack Week, 86 new projects were born. Some teams have chosen to develop a new system for the Roblox engine. Some teams have found new ways to improve existing features and make life easier for developers by upgrading Roblox Studio and adjusting performance. These projects cross a wide range of disciplines as our team operates across a vast landscape where technology intersects. Check out the highlight reels of some outstanding pieces. Achieve great things and prove that you can achieve it in less than a week from concept to creation.

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It’s great to see how our team continues to push the boundaries of Roblox’s potential. If you like it, let us know on social media using #RobloxHackWeek.

Would you like to attend the next Hack Week? We are always looking for new talent, so be sure to check it out. corp.roblox.com/careers/ And see if you have the right role for you.