Hades escapes to Xbox Game Pass this summer

Almost a year after its first release, Hades was announced to be included in this year’s Xbox E3 show and appear on the Xbox console on August 13. Last year’s outstanding action roguelike was also announced to appear on the Game Pass at the time of its release. ..

Hades is chasing Zagreus, the son of a prestigious ruler who is about to leave a hellish house. He fights Greek-style gods and monsters wielding various weapons along the way. If he fails, Zagreus can return home and build bonds with the characters he meets on his journey from the underworld.

There was nothing new in the trailer regarding the content that displayed the various awards it had won since its release. Hades was our favorite game too!Check why it ended second Game informer This is the 2020 Game of the Year list. This is our own Matt Miller review to get an important breakdown of the game.

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