Hades looks like it might come to PS4 soon

Looks like Hades May be set to arrive PS4 Immediately, at least if the rating is seen above Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee You should believe it.

First discovered ResetEraA new rating for Supergiant Games’ very popular and hellish roguelike games seems to suggest that the game will soon be available on PS4 (and therefore PS5 with backward compatibility).

Neither Supergiant nor Sony have yet confirmed that the game will be available on the platform, but the list of Korean game ratings and management has proven to be correct many times before. However, Supergiant wants to get the game on as many platforms as possible, especially after winning the five BAFTA 2021 Game Awards.

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Hades has become a huge hit for Supergiant, and myth-inspired action games have sold at least 1,000,000 on PC and Nintendo Switch to date.

The game is soon One of the most highly rated titles of the year After stealth launch via Nintendo Direct Mini in September 2020. Fans have been asking for launching games on other platforms for some time – and they may soon get their wishes.

Recently, I heard that one of Hades’ most hated characters is mostly the main character, which was disappointing. Taking Zagreus as the focus of the game may have actually hindered the popularity of the game.