Half-Life 2 mod retires Star Fox voice actor

A sort of Half-Life 2 The mod has managed to bring it back star fox Voice actor Estelle Ellis Star Fox Adventuresand has not done any performances since 2005.

Half-Life 2 is a pretty good game, sure, but the most common criticism is valve The title in development is that there aren’t enough hot blue foxes in the game, which is absolutely true. Thankfully, a mod was released in 2017 that replaced Alyx Vance with probably the most famous blue fox, Krystal, albeit only with her model. Now, though, modder Gagnetar is working on an update that somehow manages to retire Estelle Ellis and give Alyx’s lines a complete overhaul.

On the official fan site dedicated to the popular fox, Crystal ArchivesA sort of Post shared Describe the module in detail. “For extra polish, Gagnetar even went to great lengths to rewrite some of his lines to better fit Krystal as a character in the game world, rather than simply entertaining verbatim,” the post reads.

According to the post, there are a few other plans to update the mod, although no details on what those might be were shared.

In a released video, which you can see the ongoing update below, Gagnetar explained that he was able to get Ellis back into her role only because he had been talking to her on and off for years and decided to buy her A nice microphone.

Could this be one of Half-Life 2’s weirdest mods? No doubt, yes, but it’s impressive that such a thing even exists. A mod is a lot of work, but hey, if you want a truly immersive Star Fox x Half-Life 2 experience, this is the one for you.