Half-Life: Alyx does not have a VR module, now you can draw with a pen

There are several modules that allow you to play Half-Life: Alyx minus the VR headset. The one currently under development is being developed by SoMNst. Unfortunately, he was slowed down by Covid infection earlier this year. SoMNst has resumed, development continues, and the latest updates are shown in the 37-minute video.

New features include: working pen. You can use the mouse to draw with them, as shown at the beginning of the video, when SoMNst doodled the impressive Gordon Freeman on the window, and then added demon horns to Eli Vance on the monitor. This latest update also has better collisions, UI improvements and custom hints, custom items (pipes), changes to some more complex puzzles to ensure that they are suitable for flat screen players, and the in-game menus are now normal Work.