Half-Life: Alyx mod Levitation promises 4-5 hours of activity

Since the modding kit was released for Half-Life: Alyx, we’ve seen some impressive projects, like the Bioshock-themed Return to Ecstasy. Few of them look like the upcoming Levitation, which will be a custom event in the Half-Life universe where you play as Alyx and follow the trail of several rebels named Maya and Barry who become A floating building in District X of the Rogue Combined Forces.

Levitation is a collaboration between SFM animators Corrado and level designer Shawn Snelling, AKA FMPONE, the trailer alone is an impressive work. It strikes a nice balance between action and ghosts.Floating buildings seem to come from Zona concept art, based on the Spanish TV series Roadside Picnic, inspired the stalker’s story. It’s a fitting fit for City 17, with a unique mix of old and new.