Halloween Killing Review: This chaotic tone has a serious “killing” problem

The entertainment business of horror movies does not entirely depend on the high number of people. Although many horror movies have left enough bodies to fill an Olympic swimming pool after waking up, there are also many movies without a single death, which still leads to weeks of nightmares and sleepless nights. Apart from some additional slaughter and cleanup, the piles of corpses in the movie do not guarantee anything. Halloween killing Not only does the title have “killing”, it also has the highest number of deaths on all screens Halloween So far. This still does not make it a valuable heir to Michael Myers’ legacy.

The original 1978 Halloween It is rightly considered to be one of the scariest movies in American horror history and one of the earliest horror movies. This is a tense cat-and-mouse tracking game between the nanny, the evil spirit, and his doctor. Merely suggesting that the film’s stark soundtrack and isolated piano notes are enough to make insider horror fans stop whatever they are doing and double-check that no one is watching them behind the hedge. But even with such a dark halo around the movie, HalloweenThe number of people is as low as five. The root of Michael Myers’ rule is not a number game.

Watching the corpse fall to the ground does have obvious appeal to some horror fans. It’s not always about blood and gore-sometimes the sheer number of lives lost is at the core of a movie’s tragedy. Carrie If she hadn’t wiped out everyone at the ball, it wouldn’t be so shocking.Similarly, the absolute number of deaths in the entire sequel Purify It only emphasizes the repulsive dehumanization of tradition in the alternative to franchising in the United States. Under these circumstances, the accumulation of movie killings will exacerbate the monsterization of the opposite and deepen the overall sense of horror.

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But when horror fans laugh at death and destruction in movies, they rarely celebrate this type of death toll. Some people like to vent their revenge on the screen, and like the punishment they think they deserve for a terrorist character. Others like schlock and appreciate the craftsmanship with good murder effect. Laughing at death and celebrating movies that see humor in its inherent absurdity can relieve the natural fear of the unknown. On the psychological level, looking directly at death and horror and then using jokes to dispel them is a sure way to make people feel empowered and less anxious about death. This is equivalent to seeing the god of death trip over his robe.

But this is one of the main failures Halloween killing: Director David Gordon Green tries to get the best of both worlds. He hoped that the audience would mourn certain deaths and at the same time scold them for not being sad for others. He let the iconic killer of the series, Michael Myers, pass through the town of Haddenfield, indiscriminately identifying the comic deaths of certain residents and the tragic deaths of others. Whether they are the canvass of the anonymous, faceless Michael killing, or the emotionally invested characters in the movie, it seems that it has little to do with whether their deaths are taken seriously.

Halloween killing After 2018 Halloween End, then flash back to 1978, and the Halloween night of the John Carpenter franchise movie. 2018 Halloween Going back to the canon of that movie, ignoring all other sequels and subsequent reboots. The flashback shows what the police did during the hunt for the murderer Michael Myers. In the abandoned Myers home, a young officer named Hawkins (Thomasman) met with Michael, which haunted him for the next 40 years. This standoff did not change any of the team’s fans’ understanding of Michael, but it did provide an additional framework for Hawkins’ attachment to Miles and his revenge for the masked killer.

At the same time, currently, Michael has survived his home in 1978 Halloween Survivor Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), he is flourishing. He quickly killed all the first responders on the scene, and then took off to find more corpses to pile up. Laurie takes her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and teenage granddaughter Alison (Andy Matticch) to the hospital for treatment. Fearing that Laurie would die from his injuries, Karen ordered Alison to stay with her, but Alison, who was loyal to the teenage rebellion, wanted to take to the streets to kill Michael.

During the Halloween killing, a nervous-looking woman raised Michael Myers’ mask

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For Alison, it is convenient that there are also a group of people to hunt down Michael. When news of a series of violent murders broke out, the survivors of his crazy killings in 1978 were drinking on an open microphone night. The survivors and bars were crowded with local people who were prone to go crazy, divided into armed groups, scattered around the town, trying to kill the reappearing Phuket people.

Green and his co-authors Danny McBride and Scott Tims spent a lot of money Halloween killing Looking at this growing team, there are mixed opinions. Sometimes they seem to think that the mob is constructive, and at other times, the film is clearly opposed to any mob who does not want to listen to rational voices. The introduction of this kind of morally uncertain but violent crowd confuses the original boundary between good and evil before the franchise.

Although there are many claims about human beings as real monsters on earth, this has never been Halloween movie. Michael Myers should be an uncut evil machine, all the audience wants is to see his victims fight back. This group of thugs is not pure and satisfying retaliatory justice.Although there is nothing wrong with the moral complexity in horror movies, Green and his companions have further conveyed their vague message, using thugs to hold up a mirror for the bloodthirsty audience and condemn them for enjoying movie-like violence. Halloween killing supply.

Horror movies with deliberate humor are also piled up in blood, which tends to downplay the human nature of the victims.There is no real emotional tragedy in the entire bay of the bitten spring spoilers Piranha 3DNo one asked the audience to recall the former wealthy family life of the infected people who were beheaded by helicopters 28 weeks later. Although it sounds cruel, the hordes of victims in most corpse horror movies are consciously prevented from becoming full characters, so the bloody hounds in the audience can enjoy the catharsis of watching the head roll. Halloween killing Instead, put names and faces on the victims, making them neighbors or friends of the protagonist. Then it still cuts them off in an excessive way, signaling to the audience, all for fun, and at the same time making sure it is not.

In addition to the sloppy judgment of the audience, the depiction of Michael Myers is also sloppy. The villain who started the franchise as a 6-year-old sister killer grew up to become a looming figure, and he lives in the uncanny valley of serial killers. Unlike later more humane characters, Carpenter’s version and the current version of David Gordon Green look like a man, but will not talk or walk like a man. He has no expression. He studied humans as if they were otherworldly. He didn’t even show his face. The tension between humans and monsters boiled under his work clothes and William Shatner’s mask.

During the Halloween killing, Laurie gasped in the back seat of the truck

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But this tension often disappears in Halloween killingSome of Michael’s killings are inexplicably amused, while others are dramatic, and there is little reason why one life is more valuable than another. Worst of all, whether as a masked person or as an inhuman force, Michael has no consistency. Sometimes he will play with his body, sometimes he will not. Sometimes he would laugh at the victim, sometimes he would not.Although before HalloweenPortray him as indifferent, methodical, and unresponsive, Halloween killing Show that he has always been naughty. If Michael Myers should be a consistent factor for the entire team, then these tonal errors will distract his character and killing style.

Halloween killing It has its advantages, including some good laughter and some creative killings. But those momentary bursts of entertainment cannot carry the weight of the legendary Michael Myers legacy. This is the monster that helped start the entire slasher sub-genre, and audiences who like these movies have high expectations for their beloved villains. Michael Myers fans may be excited to see him on the big screen again, but those who really know him may be disappointed by his wobbly performance. Bloodthirsty hounds may be intoxicated by the creative killings scattered everywhere, but may be attracted by the apparent loss of morality and atonality in certain characters. Halloween killing It has never been set in a tone, a morality, or its killer. Although it does not live up to its aggressive title, it still feels sloppy and empty.

Halloween killing It will be screened in theaters and Peacock on October 15.