Halo Infinite 11 tips and tricks for beginners

For those who recently jumped in Halo infinite Multiplayer beta version, you will enter one of the biggest FPS games released this year. Infinite seems to have attracted the attention of the player community by introducing a large number of new weapons and abilities to the classic Halo sandbox.

That being said, if you are a new player in the series, or may not have dipped your toes in Master Chief’s boots for a while, then you may know a lot immediately! To help you adapt, Dorrani has a brand new video, after 11 Tips and tricks for beginners This is a must-see.

Many of these techniques may be familiar to those who bravely faced Blood Gulch on the original Xbox, but even the most classic strategy is still the true backbone of gameplay even after so many years. For example, the importance of grenades is the first tip from Dorrani, because these offensive ace cards provide you with absolute power in battle.

If you’ve tried more tactical shooting games like Valorant or Rainbow Six: Siege Halo Infinite like me, this video can also remind you that if you want to perform well online, you need to change What habits to lose. I like to keep moving! I can’t count the number of times I played very slowly…

You can view the video embedded above for more valuable information. Tell us in the comments below how you found this newer Halo experience. If you are looking for more Halo Infinite, we have been discussing the ongoing discussion around the Battle Pass, its main issues, and 343 Industries’ statement of its intention to solve these issues.