Halo Infinite: 117 quick questions by Joseph Staten

Halo Infinite is very important for a few weeks.In addition to the free multiplayer game kit launched before the full game release on December 8, the next adventure of the Master Chief is also the latest focus Game informant cover story!What is no brand new cover story Raging fire Interview with the only Joseph Staten?

Join us and sit down with 343’s creative director to discuss all the content of Halo Infinite, in our patented speed style. Joseph kindly answered 117 questions for us. These questions cover everything fans want to know about one of the most important games of 2021. Raging fire Fashion, we have a lot of questions focused on the bottom of the in-depth understanding of Halo Infinite. Who is the weapon? Over time, will new maps and guns be added to the multiplayer suite? After the Halo 5 incident, what happened to Chief and Cortana?

It won’t be a Raging fire Without some questions you might not have thought of, such as what kind of Broadway musical the chief listens to when he kills the exiles and saves the universe? In the exclusive interview above, you will get the answer to this question and more!

Does it feel too long to wait for the Halo Infinite event? We understand and hope to help you through this time with our exciting new cover story! This month, we will delve into a host of new and engaging interviews, game videos, and more from the team behind the next entry in the Master Cheif story.Be sure to check out our quick tour of the opening levels of the game, our Campaign impressions, To learn more about exploration and progress, as well as our research on the creation of cunning robots in early multiplayer test flight versions. Thank you for watching, and let us know your thoughts on the video in the comments below!