Halo Infinite: 343 Industries detailed the new changes brought about by fracture: the Tenrai incident in January

The first event of the Halo Infinite multiplayer game, Fracture: Tenrai, ended a few weeks ago. Although it brought some new armors and game modes to the game, it was subject to specific battle passes around the event and its related processes. Criticism, store cosmetics, etc.

It seems that 343 Industries has listened to the feedback, because yesterday, in Halo Holiday 2021 liveJeff Hook, the design director of the studio, introduced in detail Fracture: Tenrai’s various changes when the event returned in January. According to reports European players.

Hook said in the live broadcast that there will not be so many XP upgrades and challenge exchanges in the battle pass, because most of them will be removed and replaced with cosmetics. This solves one of the main criticisms of Fracture: Tenrai Battle Pass, because some players believe that there are too many XP boosts and challenge exchanges, and not enough cosmetics to unlock.

The second major change detailed by Hook is that cosmetic items are only available in the store, players are charged real-world money to unlock cosmetics such as armor sets, weapon skins, etc., and the event pass is now only available in the event itself. This means you will not be able to find them at other times. Hook also commented on the free-to-play aspects of the Halo Infinite multiplayer game.

“We know one of the biggest challenges we will encounter, no matter what we do, we will encounter this…this is changing Halo [from] From 20-year-old boxed product models to free-to-play game models, for most of our players, it is essentially not satisfactory. “

Hook went on to say that 343 Industries is continuing to work on this model to further balance it so that players don’t feel unfairly forced to buy in-game items while still feeling that what is available for purchase is still attractive to players.

These comments are the day after the demanding playlists of Slayer and other game modes were added to Halo Infinite.While waiting for the Fracture: Tenrai event to restart in January, please check our thoughts on the game Game informant Halo Infinite review, then check out these crazy things players did in the Halo Infinite multiplayer game.

[Source: Eurogamer]

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