Halo Infinite: A new look for campaigns and side missions | Today’s new gameplay

Spartans! Show your fangs! Ignite your heart! The release of Halo Infinite on December 8th changes with each passing day…but now is not the time to end the battle. This is not an easy wait, but I hope that what Game Informer has prepared for you today will make it easier.

Today, Game Informer provides you with three videos from the first few hours of Halo Infinite. Your hosts Alex Stadnik and Wesley LeBlanc will act as your guides, explaining what they think while playing the game, how they achieve each goal, etc. Wait.

There are three videos for you to watch today, there are a lot of content to review, so let’s get started. In the first video, we have 11 minutes of Halo Infinite campaign footage. This means that if you want to be completely unaffected by waiting for you in the game, you should avoid using this. However, it did not reveal much information about the larger narrative at all. That’s because it happened during the opening hours of Halo Infinite. You will hear Alex and Wesley discuss different methods of penetrating structures called towers. They discussed different ways to complete the task, what is waiting for you in the tower, etc. If you are happy to see what the boss in Halo Infinite looks like, please stick to it till the end.

In the second video, Alex and Wesley browsed the FOB scattered around Zeta Halo, the forward base of operations. Before taking one back from the exiles for the UNSC, of ​​course, you need to defeat the exiles you currently call yourself. After doing so, you will get FOB, which means it is not only a new fast travel point on the map, but also a place where you store ammunition, grenades, weapons and even vehicles.

The last video reported by Game Informer Halo Infinite today is about HVT or high-value targets. These targets are scattered around Zeta Halo, essentially in the form of bosses of different types of enemies such as elites. In our HVT battle, we played a special elite HVT who used swords and invisibility to try to defeat us (spoiler: he didn’t). We also discussed how HVT carries unique modified versions of weapons that exist elsewhere in the game.

If this is not enough, be sure to check out Game Informer’s Halo Infinite Center, where you can find 4K footage, including campaign footage, clips showing new weapons, multiplayer information, and more. Halo Infinite is also the cover story of Game Informer magazine this month, so be sure to pay attention to your email. If you are a digital subscriber, you can now read all the content waiting for you. Thanks for watching, we hope you enjoy reporting!